Can I take omeprazole with iron tablets

Do omeprazole stop iron intake?

Omeprazole controls the acidity in the stomach regularly. The low acidity could reduce the absorption of some medications: iron salts, erlotinib, dasatinib, mycophenolate mofetil, ketoconazole/itraconazole
– Non-heme Iron salts(ferrous fumarrate, ferrous sulfate, ferrous gluconate) need acidity in the stomach for absorption. Omeprazole reduces acidity in the stomach to the point, absorption of some iron salts can be affected.

Omeprazole and Iron supplements

Your prescriber needs to know you are taking Omeprazole, at the time you get prescribed Iron supplements. A few iron supplements are not affected by the low acidity in the stomach. Other strategies could be for patients on Omeprazole and iron supplements may have to be treated either with high dose iron therapy for a longer duration or with intravenous iron therapy.

Can I take omeprazole with Voriconazole?

Can I take omeprazole with Voriconazole

Omeprazole oral and Voriconazole oral Drug Interactions

Voriconazole gets metabolized by CYP 2C19. That’s why patient on Omeprazole will get increased blood levels of Voriconazole than patients without Omeprazole. Dose adjustments are required when patient is taking Omeprazole to control Zollinger-Ellison syndrome or in any case patient is taking more than 40 mg per day. While treating someone with Voriconazole, keep Omeprazole at 20 mg daily, or lower.

Can I take Omeprazole with Carbamazepine(Tegretol)?

Can I take Omeprazole with Carbamazepine

Omeprazole and Tegretol Drug Interactions

More Carbamazepine than in average patients, reaches our blood when taking Omeprazole. Omeprazole slows down the elimination of Carbamazepine, as well. Furthermore, Omeprazole’s effectiveness is
decreased by the combination with Carbamazepine. When patient is taking Omeprazole and Carbamazepine together, it is recommended to monitor Carbamazepine levels in blood. It is also advisable to consider other PPIs for patients on Carbamazepine.

Can I take omeprazole with Digoxin?

Lanoxin and omeprazole Drug Interactions

Digoxin effects get increased by the use of Omeprazole. Omeprazole seems to increase the absorption of digoxin and as a consequence, digoxin could reach toxic levels. Digoxin intoxication Can Include: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, visual disturbances (blurred vision; light halos around objects; green or yellow vision), or an abnormally fast or slow or uneven heartbeat. Doctor needs to monitor and adjust the dose of both medications.

Can I take omeprazole with diazepam?

Can I take omeprazole with diazepam

Diazepam and Omeprazole interaction

Diazepam’s elimination slows down considerably when taking Omeprazole. Which increases the risk of side effects of Diazepam including excessive drowsiness, confusion and breathing difficulties. Patient may need a dose reduction of both medications and/or more frequent monitoring while using Omeprazole and Diazepam at the same time.

Omeprazole interactions with Rilpivirine, Indinavir, Atazanavir and Nelfinavir

Omeprazole interactions

Interactions that have clinical influences

Omeprazole is one of those drugs that is well known in the field of drug-drug interactions. The fact that Omeprazole reduces the activity of liver enzyme CYP 3C19, can modify the transit of several drugs through the liver when taking Omeprazole.

Each drug interaction requires individual considerations. In some cases, you cannot administer the drugs together so you have to choose which one you should substitute. In other situations you need to take them hours apart. Or while taking them together, you need to adjust the dose of one of the medications.

The important message is: whenever you take 2 or more medications, including non-prescriptions, herbals and vitamins, ask a doctor or a pharmacist to check for possible drug-drug interactions.

Omeprazole interactions with Rilpivirine, Indinavir, Atazanavir Saquinavir and Nelfinavir

Some antiretrovirals get reduced their effectiveness when used with Omeprazole. They are rilpivirine, indinavir, atazanavir and nelfinavir. Omeprazole reduces their antiviral effect and increases the chance of the  virus to develop drug resistance to these antivirals. For those reasons, it is  contraindicated to give Rilpivirine and Omeprazole together. Specialists
recommend to avoid combination of Indinavir, Atazanavir, or Nelfinavir, with  Omeprazole.

  • Rilpivirine get a significant reduction in absorption when patient is taking Omeprazole.
  • Reduction in solubility and absorption of indinavir, is due to Omeprazoleinduced lower acidity in the stomach. It is not advisable to prescribe indinavir
    and Omeprazole together, unless patient is taking Ritonavir as well.
  • Atazanavir sees effectiveness reduced by 75% with Omeprazole. A combo atazanavir/ritonavir can reduce the effect of Omeprazole.
  • Solubility of Nelfinavir is lesser than in patients without reduced acidity in stomach due to Omeprazole. Omeprazole reduces metabolic activation of Nelfinavir by CYP 2C19 enzyme, as well.

Other antivirals, like saquinavir, could reach toxic levels, when patient is taking Omeprazole at the same time. Anyone taking these combination of antiviral and antacid have to be monitored for potential toxicity.

Omeprazole and Tarceva Drug Interactions

Erlotinib and dasatinib have a substantially reduced absorption in patients taking Omeprazole. While on erlotinib or dasatinib do not start taking any antacid including Omeprazole.