Can I take Omeprazole with Peppermint

Does Peppermint Oil or capsules interact with Omeprazole?

Omeprazole lowers the amount of acid in the stomach so if enteric-coated peppermint capsules that are meant to dissolve in intestines which are low-acid location, are taken together with omeprazole, the peppermint will be released in the stomach instead of the intestines. The peppermint oil can enhance the production of more stomach acid so the effectiveness of both peppermint and omeprazole may be reduced. Acid indigestion and heartburn may not be controlled and intestinal spasms may not be relieved. That’s why peppermint oil should not be used at the same time as omeprazole. If omeprazole and peppermint-oil capsules are both used, peppermint capsules should be taken at least 2 hours apart from omeprazole. It should be known that peppermint flavors in teas or foods do not contain enough peppermint oil to cause a problem. Always ask your healthcare provider about this potential interaction if you think you are having problems.

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