Can I take Omeprazole with Metformin?

Metformin and Prilosec Drug Interactions

A recent in-vitro study revealed that PPIs including omeprazole may inhibit metformin uptake by organic cation transporters (OCTs). This interaction may have the influence on metformin disposition and/or efficacy. Since there is a possibility for the concomitant administration of metformin and omeprazole in patients with chronic diabetes, bigger studies are planned for further investigatigtion.

Also, it is known that both drugs may cause the possibility of developing a vitamin B12 deficiency if these drugs are taken together for a long time. There are many diabetics with gastric problems so this combination is not uncommon, and it may cause particular problems for older adults with difficulties absorbing vitamin B12. Elderly people on metformin should be monitored closely a vitamin B12 deficiency.

Low levels of vitamin B12 may cause irreversible nerve damage. Symptoms include numbness, trouble walking, tingling or pain in toes, feet or fingers, memory problems, confusion, depression or burning tongue. Other symptoms can include constipation, loss of appetite and anemia. People with inadequate vitamin B12 levels in the body are always at higher risk of cardiovascular conditions. Diabetics appear to be at higher risk of inflammation and less control of blood sugar levels when their vitamin B12 levels are low

Patients taking any acid reducer drugs along with metformin should test their vitamin B12 levels at least once a year. If a vitamin B12 deficiency develops, it should be treated with supplemental vitamin B12.

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